Kurikaeshi.org was registered on July 2011 after winning a giveaway. After being hosted a couple of years by the person who organized the giveaway, I moved to Aku's and still am being hosted by her.

I started making websites at 14, my first « important » website was a graphics website I ran during my high school years but I've also owned various blogs. At that time I didn't have my very own webspace. After a while, my friends from back then were gradually losing interest in the hobby as they moved on with their life but I'm glad I came to know people who haven't. They gave me the motivation to keep up with this activity.

Kurikaeshi (繰り返し) is a japanese word which means repetition. There is no particular reason for me to have choosen this name, I thought it sounded nice.
You are currently viewing the 5th version of this collective featuring the Matsuno sextuplets of the anime Osomatsu-san.

The design is optimized for Google Chrome for a resolution of 1024x768 minimum but also works fine on other browsers. It was made on Photoshop CS5 & Notepad ++. The pictures used were extracted from official Osomatsu-san wallpapers and the pattern is from Subtle Patterns. The icons used further below were made by Kiss the Iconist.

This layout is very simple, but it took me some time to come up with a version I liked enough. Maybe the only redeeming aspect of this design is that there's a different brother for each page haha. I redrew Ichimatsu's and Todomatsu's arms a bit so they'd fit better. After getting a good portion of the revamp done, I realized this is the second time that brothers are featured on my domain... It was really unintentional.

Osomatsu-san is an anime based on Akatsuka Fujio's Osomatsu-kun comedy manga created in 1962. It was made to celebrate the author's 80th birthday if he was still among us. The series aired for two seasons from December 2015 to March 2016. Osomatsu-kun told the story of the Matsuno brothers, mischevious 10 year-old sextuplets. In Osomatsu-san, they have grown into adults but all of them became lazy NEETs freeloading off their parents.

Osomatsu is self-absorbed and immature despite being the eldest brother. He likes gambling and is often depicted as the most average of the brothers.

Karamatsu tries to act cool to get girls to like him but is in reality quite lame, making him the laughing stock of his own brothers. Expect a lot of gratuitous English from him!

Choromatsu is a nerd who loves idols and struggles to speak to girls. He's usually considered the most sane of the bunch.

Ichimatsu is a loner who dislikes social interaction and prefers playing with cats instead.

Jyushimatsu is a simple-minded and hyperactive fellow. He loves baseball.

Todomatsu is cute and carefree but also vain and quite manipulative. He's quite popular with girls and is really ashamed of his brothers. They start to nickname him « Totty » at some point.

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