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Before you go, please check out the links below. They lead to the collectives of talented and creative people that definitely deserve some of your time!
Kula of
Kula is the first friend I made after I started building my collective. Back then, I was a real newbie to fanlistings and when I had trouble with coding, she was always willing to help me out so I learned a lot of things thanks to her! She's our resident megane fujoshi and also the #1 victim of Aku's teasing, also mine to a lesser extent. Lately you can find her on Grandblue Fantasy and Overwatch when it's not League of Leg--- PLZ WORK AGAIN ON YOUR WEBSITES!! YOU CAN DO EEET!!
Aku of
Aku is most definitely someone who inspires me lot! Never get me started on her mad designing skillz!!11 I'm pretty sure to be her and Sakata Gintoki's love child or something, so you know where my sass and laziness come from. Apparently, I'm not allowed to date until I turn 60?! By the way, I'm still waiting for that fake Oscar statue you promised me huh... and the marshmallow fluff?!
Kibumie of
I make fun of Kibumie for loving shota characters but I'm no better, I'm afraid. My Kaji Yuki bias doesn't help me one bit in this. Aside of making websites, Kibu is also a wonderful illustrator! I'm always amazed at what she can do with a stroke of her pencil, maybe she has magical hands?? She helps me sometimes with my (failed) art blocks and anatomy problems too.
Lethe of
Lethe is one of those people you feel like you've known for a while although it's not really the case. She is someone really dedicated and intense about what she likes, I admire her for that. Crying over getting projects done, pretty 2D guys and indie visual novels together nearly everyday over the past month brought us closer and I hope this is only the beginning!
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