The number of sites I have is a bit small for now but I hope to bring more projects to life in the near future.

On the upper half, are displayed the tributes to various subjects that I managed to put online. You can click on the images below to learn a bit more about each website! They are sorted from the newest to the oldest.

The websites on the lower half are inactive or in a severe need of a revamp. Feel free to visit them but the content isn't up to date at all.

- Kise Ryouta -
Kuroko no Basket

Happy Coincidence
- Akagi Kazuyuki -
Tokimeki Memorial GS2

Chivalrous Spirit
- Sain -
Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken
Personal blog
on hiatus

Just a Game?
Online TCG post
on hiatus

Everlasting Love
Fanlisting collective
needs a revamp